We are proud to announce that again in 2018 we were accessed and rated by ACECQA and received an "EXCEEDING" rating for the National Quality Standards


We have been providing a program of excellence in early childhood care and education to the community for thirty years.  The Centre was built in 1977 to provide preschool care and education for children in the area, and build a program on which Christian attitudes and values are acknowledged and encouraged.


We are a non-profit, community based preschool and licensed by the Department of Community Services.  We are part of the community service activities of Caves Beach Uniting Church and Uniting Children’s Services.  Uniting Children’s Services operates over 50 early childhood services in NSW.


Our unique program was commended by Uniting Children’s Services and we have received Uniting's Service of Excellence award as well as receiving an "Exceeding" Quality Rating from DEC in 2013 and 2018.

Meet Our New Director,
Michelle Ryan