Guinea Pigs

Billie and Jo are our resident guinea pigs and are big favourites here at preschool.  Recently we were very fortunate to be able to have the local Men's Shed group construct this incredible guinea pig enclosure for us, completely made out of recycled materials and also featuring a stained-glass window and crystal chanderlier! 


The children love being able to go inside the enclosure and be with the guinea pigs in their own home.

Pekin Chickens

Hattie, Ginger and Marmalade are our three Pekin chickens we have here at preschool.  These chickens reside in an amazing chicken coop that was built by some local families.


These delightful, entertaining chickens are ideal in our preschool organic lifestyle and have become very used to the children.  They have a very healthy diet, feeding on the scraps of the children's lunches and therefore the eggs they produce for us are 100% totally organic.  We are able to sell these eggs to our preschool families as well as many other forms of produce produced here at preschool.


Chickens give your garden a soul. They have become quite popular in today's society, our Preschool has been practicing this sustainable way of living for many years as we believe our chickens are helping to create a calmer, healthier, cleaner, kinder and more sustainable way of living.

Sydney Stingless Bees

Just recently we were fortunate enought to be able to purchase these wonderful Stingless Bees through some fundraising events organised by our Parent Committee.


These bees are family friendly and virtually maintenance free.  The children are enjoying watching them pollinate the backyard and vege patch, darting back and forth to their hive with bright coloured pollen. 

Turtles, Birds, Fish, Frogs, Spiny-Leaf Insects, Yabbies and a Resident Blue-Tongue Lizard

The children enjoy looking after and learning about our many different species of animals we have here at preschool.  Each day the children take turns at feeding and/or cleaning out the various tanks and  cages that house these delightful creatures. 


We also have a resident blue-tongue lizard that has taken up home in a purpose built pond that the child and teachers have created out of an old screen door.  The lizard has a lovely sheltered environment in which he resides.  When he comes out to warm himself, the children enjoy feeding him strawberries.